Very Busy

Because I started O Scale West, it has been my baby so to speak. As a result, as a proud parent I was pretty oblivious to the amount of time I spent on it. The way things have worked is that since I am organizer, I do almost all the up front work for each year’s show. Now, as I prepare to hand over the reins to my successor, John Hamilton, my perspective on the amount of time it takes has changed from that of a doting parent who happily serves their child to someone who is critical of how time is spent.

That’s another way of saying that this year I can see how much time I spend on the show. Some of that might be my own proclivity to want everything to be just right. Hope I’m not scaring John with this!

That doesn’t mean the meet will fall apart this year. No, it will be as always – well organized and easy for other to participate in and enjoy.

The most recent activity has been preparation of the bulk mailing. It went like this. I thought we had the outer sheet (flyer/registration form) ready to go, then realized that we need to show our commitment to all scales narrow gauge by adding that name to the banner section at the top of the flyer. Since the flyer is technically late now (March 7) this added stress. Russ Clover came through like a champ with the change. 32# paper had to be bought and shipped to Tom Dempsey who will do the printing. Then I wrote a pre-show newsletter for inclusion in the mailing. Next to last is the sheet the S scalers want to include, which should be done today. Tom will print all of that and ship it to the mailing service. Lastly, the address label file has to be prepared for the mailing service such that the mailing service can use pre-sorted postage; Tim Diebert and I will do this. The mailing service will print the postage,  print the address info, then collate the 3 sheets and fold in the middle, apply “wafers” to keep the sheets together, and mail them.

It is satisfying to see that quite a few folks are using the on-line registration that was added to the web site this year.

Time to get back to work. Have a great day!

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