Mailing Finished, Jim Vail

A couple of months before the O Scale West show, we mail a registration form to those who attended the last two shows and to a selected list (likely to come) of manufacturers. This year we included a brief pre-show newsletter, a sheet prepared by the S scale community that describes the activities for but not limited to S scalers, and the Diorama contest the S scalers are managing. The registration from can be downloaded HERE, the newsletter can be viewed HERE, the S scale activity side of the S scale sheet can be viewed HERE and the Diorama contest side of the S sheet can be viewed HERE.

Jim Vail passed away January 28. Jim was very well known particularly in the narrow gauge community and in the wider community of model railroading. A group of Jim’s friends, working with his daughter, will have his layout open and operating for visitors the Sunday after O Scale West; this will be the final run of the layout. In addition, Jim’s daughter will have a table at the show where she will have selected items from Jim’s collection – HERE is more information.

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