Four More Weeks!

A little more that four weeks before the show! Wow, again time seems to have flown. The other sensation is that the show is like a train hurtling towards me and I can’t do anything about it except get ready. On one hand it is a helpless feeling, and on the other it’s kinda exciting too.

John Houlihan has been busy with clinics and has a great selection for you this year. Take a look at the web site to see what’s in store for you.

Today I sent one of the periodic emails reminding folks of OSW to the various O scale chat rooms. In today’s message I listed the acitivites available at OSW and was taken aback at the list:

– about 200 sales and display tables
– about 30 home and club layouts open for visiting
– 11 clinics, most are repeated, check the web site
– 4 on-site operating layouts: O, On30, S, O Gauge
– model and photo contest
– silent auction
– white elephant auction
– PFE Ice Service meet car
– diorama contest (new in 2018)
– S Scale dinner
– Hotel rooms $142 1-4 occupancy (subject to availability after May 10)
– Paperless registration on-line

I feel very proud of what the show has grown into. Please come and enjoy it – it is for you.

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