Show Over, Mixed Feelings

Well, the 28th annual O Scale West (including S Scale West and Narrow Gauge West but not as many as 28) is over. The show was another great success. It went smoothly and all who I talked to had the usual good time. Attendance was higher than last year, but it is too soon to have some specific numbers.

This was my last O Scale West as Chairman. I started it 28 years ago, and over the years have, along with the members of the organizing committee, had to do a lot of work to ensure the show went smoothly and would be enjoyable to the attendees. That has been very successful. Now the adjustment to not being responsible for the show is showing some mixed feelings – a sense of emptiness along with slowly feeling freed from the day to day responsibility of the success of the show. The bottom line is that I am very proud of what O Scale West has become – one of two major 2-rail O scale shows in the country, and the best organized and most fun of all O scale shows.

John Hamilton will take over a Chairman of O Scale West during the summer, so the 2019 show will be under John’s leadership. An added attraction for the 2019 show is that it will include the O Scale National Convention: more vendors, more attendees, a banquet, and possibly other activities will comprise the show which again will be at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara on Memorial Day weekend.

The Hyatt Regency surprised us with a huge cake to commemorate the change of command. That was wonderful and kudos to the Hyatt. O Scale West as of this year has been there for 20 consecutive years, quite a record and something to stand beside the 28 years (and counting) run of O Scale West.

I would like to close this, my last blog entry for O Scale West, with a resounding Thank You! to all who have helped make O Scale West a huge success over the years by attending and spreading the word!

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